Removing Inaccessible VirtualBox Virtual Machines

This is a quick way to remove inaccessible virtual machines from Virtual Box, without using the VirtualBox GUI.

Sometimes you might receive the following error when attempting to SSH into a VM on your machine:

$ homestead ssh
Your VM has become "inaccessible." Unfortunately, this is a critical error
with VirtualBox that Vagrant can not cleanly recover from. Please open VirtualBox
and clear out your inaccessible virtual machines or find a way to fix

The error message suggests you open the VirtualBox GUI and “clear” the affected machines. However, sometimes this doesn’t work as expected, so here’s a quick way to resolve the issue from the terminal:

$ VBoxManage list vms

You’ll receive a list of all virtual machines available, along with their GUID:

"machine-1" {18daeed5-2be7-4e7f-a36a-b8b8e27a9f11}
"machine-2" {564aa0b3-a856-4b9a-9589-aed44a6c143b}

Now you can run the following command against a chosen VM:

$ VBoxManage unregistervm [GUID]

No need to use the GUI, this way is quicker and easier!

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