James McFadden {web developer}


Here are a few of my personal projects. Those without links are unavailable to view due to them being in development or closed to the public. In some cases a demo may be arranged.

Project Description
The Binding of Isaac RESTful API An open source RESTful API project for The Binding of Isaac video game series.
Overwatch RESTful API An open source API project for the Overwatch video game built with Laravel 5.2.
RuneScan Player progress tracking and productivity tools for a popular MMORPG game.
AlexaTrack Track the daily Alexa ranking changes for your domains.
Ad Server Personal ad platform serving 110+ domains. Features include IP address white/ blacklisting, geo filtering, custom impression rate limiting and reporting.
Gen A lightweight, extensible static file generator written in PHP.
Better Games Price comparison website for video games. Features include price history and price drop notifications.
Stagenova Stagenova is a platform for finding musical talent based on user specific requirements.
GitHub CV Create an instant, editable GitHub CV with just a fork.
Hoarder Simplified caching for PHP 5.3+
PhpGw2Api Php-Gw2-Api is a PHP wrapper for the Guild Wars 2 API.