Netbeans Obsidian Theme

Having recently switched from Eclipse to Netbeans for various reasons, I have found myself missing the “Obsidian” theme (originally from Notepad++, I believe).

Unable to find a sufficient port from Eclipse to Netbeans on the Internet, I decided to begin setting it up myself:

Netbeans Obsidian Theme

While I am still working on the HTML/ CSS themes, I think the PHP is pretty much ready to go, so I’ve made the theme available to download here. I will update this post as and when I get time to add to the theme, but I feel it’s certainly usable at the moment (PHP, HTML, CSS).

Also note that I’ve made a few changes here and there to suit my own needs, so I make no guarantee that this theme directly mimics the original Obsidian theme, but you get the gist.


After downloading the theme, open Netbeans and navigate to Tools > Options. Click Import in the bottom left of the window and navigate to the theme’s Zip folder. Select “Fonts & Colours” in the Available options and click OK.

Netbeans will restart and your theme should automatically be activated upon load.

Download Netbeans Obsidian Theme

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